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Finally, SSD-backed EBS drives

Last week, Amazon Web Services announced they now support SSD drives for EBS. Although some say this isn't news, especially since you were already able to get much more I/O operations in per second for provisioned IOPs drives, you can now choose between magnetic storage based EBS volumes (at 5 cents / GB) and SSD-based ones (starting at 10 cents / GB).

The "regular" SSD volumes will get you a guaranteed baseline of 3 IOPs per provisioned GB, but is able to burst to 3000 IOPs in total, which in all is much better than traditional EBS volumes, at a marginally lower price (since you don't pay for the IOPs). There are, of course, also SSD-volumes with provisioned IOPs, but it's suggested that these are actually the same as the provisioned IOPs volumes we previously had. Which makes sense, because magnetic storage could never provide 4.000 IOPs.

One little thing to consider: if you've previously always provisioned 1 TB for all your EBS volumes to ensure consistent performance, that's still the most cost-effective strategy. A "regular" 1 TB SSD volume will cost you $100.- per month and get you 3000 IOPs, while getting 3000 provisioned IOPs for a 100 GB volume will set you back a little over $200.-. This might need some thought, but it's really worth noting.

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